Women found dead inside car at Yellowstone National Park

(Eagle News) — A woman was found dead inside her car by rangers of the Yellowstone National Park on Saturday evening, May 13.

According to a release by the National Park Service (NPS), when Rangers responded to an incident on Craig pass, approximately three miles south of Old Faithful, they found a car driven into a snowbank with a man standing outside of it.

(Photo by Edwin Jones, Eagle News Service)

After further investigation, the rangers found the dead woman inside the car and immediately detained the man who was later arrested for drug possession and other traffic-related charges.

“Investigators are determining what led to the female’s death and attempting to complete next-of-kin notifications,” said the NPS. 

The road between Old Faithful and West Thumb was closed for approximately 24 hours while the scene was processed and was reopened on Sunday evening.

(Eagle News Service)