Small Floridian town makes most of US Independence Day


By Jay Rosquites
EBC Florida Bureau

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. (Eagle News) — As the U.S. celebrates its 243rd year of independence, the small town of Safety Harbor, Florida, launched its annual 4th of July parade and celebration.

After the parade concluded on Main Street, the American Legion post #238, hosted a patriotic ceremony open to the public. From singing the national anthem, to singing traditional American theme songs, the citizens of Safety Harbor embraced their patriotism. The ceremony also included honoring the U.S. armed forces in flag guard formation.

“Well we’re just lucky to have great people who want to put these parades on,” said Joe Ayoub, Mayor of Safety Harbor. “As you saw, Ruth Burgess  has been doing this for many years. She’s affiliated with the American Legion. And they’re very active in organizing the event. So, between Ruth, the American Legion, and all the volunteers coming together,  It turns out to be a pretty good parade.”

Despite a population of over 16,000, the city of Safety Harbor continues to make ways for their community to celebrate achievements, letting the public know what to expect.

“You can expect to have a lot of festivities. You can expect to see an awesome parade. You can expect to see a lot of both resident and people visiting Safety Harbor. Just celebrating a great holiday,” Ayoub said.

As for Independence day, the achievements of freedom still hold high value to these citizens.

“You know, I just wish everbody would be sympathic to our country and love our country. Freedom is not free,” said Gina Hadala, a Florida resident.  “All of our veterans have served to give us this freedom; to allow us to have this day. So, I think we should all celebrate them and just honor them.”

Mayor Ayoub ecohed the sentiments of the residents.

You can never take our freedoms and liberties for granted. And, this is a great time of year to remember what these freedoms and liberties stand for. And, just be very appreciative of everything we have,” Ayoub said.

(Eagle News Service)