Prime Minister says federal government reviewing Quebec’s plans to tax unvaccinated

By: Thomas I. Likness
Eagle News Service

(Eagle News) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he needs more information before he can says whether he supports Quebec’s plan to impose a tax on people who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“There’s a lot more details that we have to hear on how this would work before I can make any comments on it,” Trudeau told a news conference Wednesday.

Yesterday Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced a plan to impose a tax he describes as a health contribution on people who refuse immunization.

Trudeau dodged questions on whether he would consider a federal tax on the unvaxxed but says the province’s have a right to come up with strategies to encourage immunization.

“Various orders of government are right to look at different ways of encouraging and incentivizing people to get vaccinated,” he said, adding his government has brought in very strong measures to encourage vaccination.

Trudeau cited the requirement that travelers have to be immunized against COVID-19, as well as people working in the federal public service.

“These are things that we have moved forward on because the best path forward is vaccination,” he said.

Trudeau also says the definition of fully vaccinated may be changed to include two shots and a booster, but nothing is planned for now.

“Our decisions around vaccine mandates, requirements and what constitutes being fully vaccinated — those will be based on science, they’ll be based on the recommendations of experts going forward,” he said. “Right now we continue to encourage Canadians to get their booster shots.”

(Eagle News Service)