Philippine actor Richard Quan receives special recognition during EBC Films “Make it Reel” workshop

Filipino Actor Richard Quan is recognized for his contributions to the Philippine Film Industry during EBC Films’ “Make It Reel” workshop held in Quezon City, Philippines. Photo by Alfred Acenas, EBC Hawaii Bureau, Eagle News Service.


By Alfred Acenas
EBC Hawaii Bureau

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) – Veteran Philippine actor Richard Quan made a surprise appearance on day 2 of the filmmaker workshop “Make it Reel” sponsored by EBC Films and held at the EBC Main Studio in Quezon City, Philippines. Event organizers took the opportunity to congratulate him for his 26 years of success and contributions to the country’s film industry by presenting a certificate of recognition signed by EBC Films Head of Operations Robert Capistrano, along with EBC President Rowena Dela Fuente Deimoy.

In his speech, Quan stated that his years as an actor was his giving back to the industry. He also advised those in attendance, “It’s important that the director gives clear instructions to the actor.” He believes that 50 to 60 percent of the work gets done if such a dynamic is established from the start.

In addition, Quan encouraged those aspiring for a future in entertainment.

“Learn as much as possible on things you want to pursue,” Quan said. “If you’re given the opportunity, the chance, and you’re not ready, it’ll turn into a waste. Be ready. So when that opportunity comes, you can take advantage of it.”

When asked about his views and reactions on the many changes within the Philippine film industry, Quan recalled, “Before it’s so hard to penetrate the industry. There were only a few avenues to do that. There were only a number of producers. But now, there’s more of an opportunity for you to enter the industry. There’s the reality shows; there’s social media. Those are the changes. But compare before, it was so hard to maintain your stature in the industry.”

He further acknowledged that actors come and go and stressed “So you have to be very disciplined, be passionate in what you do.”

Quan explained how he stays motivated and inspired to keep going in the industry.

“Motivation for me comes in different ways, different scenarios,” Quan said. “Like for instance, I can be motivated by working for this certain director, for a good character, for a good script, for a good co-actor. It would be a good and fortunate situation for me if all those combined are present at a certain project.”

Finally, the veteran actor expressed optimism about his future. He specified doing a digital platform project as well as starring in a movie under Cinemalaya.


Photo by Alfred Acenas, EBC Hawaii Bureau, Eagle News Service.

(Eagle News Service)