Music Apps For All Genres


Are you getting bored of your old playlists? Need some new musical influences? Would you like to refresh your tunes and learn more about different genres, pioneering and upcoming bands as well? Well, now that music from all sort of genres and cultures, is available to all in all mediums, here are a few apps that could get you started on your new musical venture. Here are a few of our favorites, they may not be the most popular on a lot of other people’s lists, but really, sometimes you’d like to try something new and out of the norm.

Let’s start off with 8tracks. This app will revolutionize how you will see your new playlists in the future. 8tracks is an internet and social networking website wherein users create thematic playlists that vary on moods, moments, movies, hobbies, seasons, weather, emotions and basically any possible theme under the sun. Mostly, the people who join 8tracks are music jockeys with pure, true passion in mixing and making playlists that are shared with and to anyone. You can join their online community by creating your own playlist and people can either follow you or pick one of your playlists as their favorite of the day. Through this app you get to recognize and learn more about different artists that are either in the indie or mainstream scene or in any genre you’d like to be familiar with.

Do you ever have moments wherein you’d like to know the title and about the song that you have just listened to on the radio, or while shopping, or in a friend’s car? Well, this app may be quite familiar and popular but it doesn’t hurt to reintroduce you to SoundHound. This app can identify a song by just humming the tune and of course having it recorded on your mobile device. Aside from that, it is also an immense, centralized hub for music and will link you to various sites where you can purchase the song or even find the lyrics.

Finally, another fun app would be Sound Cloud. A lot of struggling, yet talented musicians and artists know how difficult and expensive it would be to land a record deal that will take you places. This app is the perfect springboard that has a strong potential to getting you started. You can upload your songs, compositions or covers and everything concerning your music, and other users have the chance to come across and listen, share and enjoy your music for free. Who knows, sooner or later you may get discovered and touch the lives of a lot more people through your music. You can of course learn more about different artists and their works as well!