Hurricane Dorian reaches Atlantic Canada


By Kara Cabusao
EBC Canada Correspondent

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick (Eagle News) — Pouring rain and strong winds started Saturday morning in the Atlantic region, the eastern part of Canada, as hurricane Dorian draws closer.

According to Environment Canada, “The outer rain bands of Hurricane Dorian are now affecting the southern Maritimes as it continues to accelerate toward Nova Scotia, making landfall this evening near Halifax. Severe winds and heavy rain are in store for parts of Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec.”

It is also said that it has reached up to 50 to 100 millimeters of rain in the southern and southeastern areas, accompanied by winds gusting to between 60 and 90 kilometers an hour.

In Saint John, New Brunswick, the city cleared the drainage paths and created barricades on Friday to reduce the risk of flooding. In the previous years, the city had numerous histories of flash floods which made them more prepared on this day.

The cyclone directly hit Halifax, Nova Scotia where it has caused massive damage. Government officials notified the residents in the coastal areas to leave their homes and proceed to the emergency shelters prepared for the public. Transportation services such as buses and ferries were shut down in response to the inclement weather.

The city advised the public to stay in their homes and refrain from going to the streets as well as prepare emergency kits as the province experienced a massive blackout as the hurricane was moved to Category 2.

(Eagle News Service)