Honolulu seeking volunteers for city’s Youth Commission


HONOLULU (Eagle News) – Applications are now being accepted for the first-ever Honolulu Youth Commission through Friday, July 16, 2021.

The Youth Commission will consist of 15 members, appointed from candidates across the island, to serve as voluntary advisors to the Mayor and the City Council on issues important to the youth and their communities.

“Listening to our youth today is an investment in a better tomorrow,” said Mayor Rick Blangiardi. “I look forward to hearing from the youngest minds across our island and understanding their concerns, challenges and priorities. Not only do our youth have a voice that needs to be heard, their opinions will greatly impact the direction of our City.”

In July 2020, the Honolulu City Council approved a resolution proposing the establishment of a Youth Commission. A majority of Oahu residents then voted “yes” on the resolution during the general elections last November.

“It is about time we include our youth in the policymaking process, given the work we’re doing to address climate change impacts, affordable housing, environmentally responsible public transportation and other matters, to create a sustainable future for them and the coming generations,” said Tommy Waters, author of the said resolution and presiding officer of the Honolulu City Council. “I hope the public will observe and support the efforts of these commission members, who are likely to become the future leaders of the City and County of Honolulu.”

To qualify, applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 24. They must also visit the website https://honolulu.gov/yc. Individuals younger than 18 years will need permission from a parent or guardian to apply.

Youth Commission delegates will be selected in late July, with the first meeting scheduled in the following August.

Because the Youth Commission is an active commission, participants will be expected to attend at least one meeting per month. Additional commitments may be necessary subject to the needs of the commission.

(Eagle News Service)