Fully vaccinated Canadian travellers to be exempted from hotel quarantines

By: Thomas I. Likness
EBC News Service

(Eagle News) — As early as next month, fully-vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents of Canada who return to the country will soon not have to quarantine in a government approved hotel for 14 day.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu also hints that restrictions on non-essential travel between the U-S and Canada could soon be phased out.

“What is currently being considered as the first step in this approach is to allow fully vaccinated individuals currently permitted to enter Canada to do so without the requirement to stay in government-authorized accommodations,” Hajdu said Wednesday. “Travelers would have to be fully vaccinated 14 days or more prior to their arrival.”

Hajdu adds border restrictions may soon end as vaccination levels continue to rise.

The ban on non-essential travel between Canada and the U-S is set to expire June 21.

But for more than a year now, the restriction has been extended every month. It’s unlikely it will be lifted this month.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously said 75 per cent of Canadians have to have a first dose of vaccine and 20 per cent fully vaccinated.

Pressure has been building on both sides of the border to ease up on the rules.
(Eagle News Service)