Entering the Realm of Blogging

By Nikki Veron Cruz

AT this point, we are very much familiar with the terms “blogging”, “blogger”, and “blogs”. I would usually approach the concept of blogging with vague indifference simply because I feel that everyone now has the opportunity to claim that he is an online writer. Lately I have realized the infinite hub of useful, useless, insightful information that blogging sites cater on. Which led me to the elementary conclusion that yes, the blogging culture is a non-biased pool of thoughts and readers just need to pick which information serves them, whether these are relevant and amusing to their personal tastes.

Now because of my earlier epiphanies, I am urged to reintroduce the world of blogging with simple apps that could help you either start blogging or start reading online material more, each of course catering to your interest. It never really hurts to try these out!

Starting off with one of the favorites, WordPress. This app and website makes it easy to create and publish content. It is initially free and you can simply write, add images, edit and publish posts on your site. You also have the option of keeping your blog private, that is if you want to treat it like a diary, or of course share your posts to the universe. There are hundreds of themes to choose from and you also have the option to go creative and have your own custom design. If you want to check out your blogs stats there are maps and graphs available that monitor the traffic of visitors. You can also share posts to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more!

Next up we have another favorite, for the younger crowd in particular, Tumblr. This site is very simple and yet interactive. You of course can create a blog and manage multiple ones if you feel the need to spread your interests. It also caters to posting photos, music, quotes, texts, gifs and the list goes on. You can also find people, follow their accounts and get the latest news and scoops.

And finally, I will be sharing a not so popular blogging site, but which definitely caters to a certain group of people.  You might also find yourself relating well here. If you simply love writing and focus mainly on that there is LiveJournal. This is a social journaling platform developed by LiveJournal, Inc. Here, users can mainly focus on share thoughts, artwork, and experiences. They can also post new entries to journals and communities, upload photos, create polls, and edit drafts.

It is always fun and interesting to run through all the available options for your potential blogging needs. And these, would be the initial suggestions until you feel the need to branch out to other frontiers on writing content online.