#EBCphotography: Colors of Autumn

The Lake – Beautiful autumn colors surround the man-made lake in Central Park, New York City. Rental row boats are available on which one can observe wild birds and plants. (Photo by Emilio Valerio, Eagle News Service)

By Emilio Valerio
EBC New York Bureau

NEW YORK (Eagle News) — It is October and in the northern parts of the world, the season is Autumn. The days are shorter and nights are longer. During daytime, the sun is low in the horizon and leaves are not getting much rays from it. Deciduous trees will soon shed leaves before the arrival of winter. Before completely falling, however, the leaves change color from green to red for some trees or to yellow for others. Seeing different trees in the woods displaying various shades of yellow, red, orange, brown and purple is a feast for the eyes.

Trees stop sending chlorophyll chemical to the leaves when there is not enough sunlight being received for the photosynthesis process that creates food for the trees. Chlorophyll gives leaves a green color. Carotenoids are the source for yellow, orange and brown while anthocyanins for red and purple.

Birding Path – Peak colors of autumn attract photographers, amateur and professional alike, to Central Park during this season. (Photo by Emilio Valerio, Eagle News Service)
The Bow Bridge – The cream color of the bridge adds contrast to the red trees behind it. The Bow bridge is a popular site for wedding photo sessions that some call it “The Vow Bridge. “ (Photo by Emilio Valerio, Eagle News Service)

(Eagle News Service)