District of Columbia offers free KN95 masks, vaccinations, self-administered PCR tests

(Eagle News) — The District of Columbia is offering free KN95 masks, vaccinations, boosters, take-home rapid antigen tests as well as a new self-administered PCR test at COVID Centers located throughout the District.

The Covid Centers are located in the following wards:

  • Ward 1, 800 Euclid Street, NW
  • Ward 2, 926 F Street, NW
  • Ward 3, 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • Ward 4, 4704 13th Street, NW
  • Ward 5, 2350 Washington Place
  • Ward 6, 507 8th Street, SE
  • Ward 7, 3929 Minnesota Avenue, NE
  • Ward 8, 3640 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE

Adults as well as children ages 5 to 17 can receive vaccinations at any COVID Center.

In addition to free take-home rapid antigen tests, the District is also offering COVID-PCR test.

Those interested in taking a PRC test can do same-day registration at coronavirus.dc.gov/register or go to your nearest COVID Center to register on-site, no appointment necessary.

Operating hours of the COVID Centers can be found at https://coronavirus.dc.gov/covidcenters.

(Eagle News Service)