CES 2022 returns to Las Vegas despite surge in Covid-19 cases

By Anna Cui
EBC Las Vegas Bureau

(Eagle News) — Attendees get a glimpse of what’s coming up in the metaverse world, commercial space travel and much more here at CES 2022 despite yet another Covid surge.

CES, one of the largest tech trade shows returns to Las Vegas this year after being held online only last year due to the pandemic. 

The surge of Covid-19 cases fueled by the Omicron variant is evident on the show floors as some big names decided to cancel their attendance. 

Organizers ensure their mask and proof of vaccination requirements are sufficient safety protocols and the show had to go on for the thousands of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and media.  

With the expected number of exhibitors down more than half to about 2,200 compared to 4,500 in 2020, CES ends one day earlier Friday. 

Metaverse, which some refer to as the next internet, is one of the buzz words at CES 2022.

Metaverse is an evolution of platform. Until now, we use 2D screen for making platform. Metaverse uses 3D environment. So we made metaverse with a virtual store, virtual concert and virtual exhibitions. We focus on realistic visual because in the 3D world when you go shopping; you need full information. In 3D world, you need full detail graphic.

Metaverse is said to also be in the making among the gaming sector with the increasing interoperability of games across multiple platforms using AR & VR technology. 

Working, playing or simply living in space may sound like something we can only experience in a Metaverse world but that concept may soon be a reality.

Sierra Space is a first-time exhibitor in the new Space Tech category at CES 2022 showcasing their life-size model Dream Chaser space plane.

Until we can actually hang out in low earth orbit, we just have to appreciate the very near future of mobility with electric and self-driving vehicles. Over 200 companies are onsite including first-time exhibitors. Globally, more companies are planning to build more EVs in the future according to Consumer Tech Association.

More than just cars, vehicle tech includes autonomous software, internet connectivity, A.I. and advanced driver assistance systems which are now more common on new vehicles making it safer for drivers and everything around them.  

There’s so much more innovations in health, wellness and smart homes and through these innovations, some companies are making commitments toward sustainability.  From making changes in their product development using low-power or even recyclable materials to changing how they package their end products to make a difference in the environment.

While we go through yet another surge of covid cases,  we can count on innovations in modern technology to keep us safe, healthy and connected.

(Eagle News Service)