Canada’s Trudeau says he will take AstraZeneca vaccine

By: Thomas I. Likness
EBC News Service

(Eagle News) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ready to roll up his sleeve and be immunized against Covid-19.

“My intention has been as I have said many times, is to get vaccinated as quickly as my turn comes up,” Trudeau said Tuesday. “With the news that AstraZeneca is now available for 40 and up in Ontario, my office and I have are busy trying to book appointments.”

Until now, the 49-year-old Trudeau has not been eligible for the vaccine because of his age.

The prime minister adds he is prepared to get the shot in front of an audience.

“We will be sure to invite everyone along to help encourage others to get vaccinated as quickly as possible,” said Trudeau.
(Eagle News Service)