Canada’s doctors say people are confused by constantly changing public health measures

By: Thomas I. Likness
EBC News Service

(Eagle News) — As several provinces in Canada tighten up public health restrictions to combat a third wave of Covid-19, the Canadian Medical Association say the constant changes leave people confused and frustrated.

“Canadians are facing continually changing rules and measures, which is making it confusing and frustrating,” association president Dr. Ann Collins said Thursday in a news release.

Collins says this leads to a lower level of compliance.

The association says with new variants emerging as the dominant driver of the third wave, stronger and new measures are needed across the country.

“It’s time to apply what we know and address these new variants with the same aggressiveness they are displaying,” said Collins. “Facing the new variants requires a new and coordinated approach to regain control.”

Collins adds governments should focus on regaining control before considering lifting any of measures prematurely.

She says they should provide all necessary supports to ensure individuals and businesses can survive the lockdowns.

One the issue of vaccines, the association wants doctors more involved, saying because tghey have a relationship with their patients, they can address th4 issue of vaccine hesitancy.

The association says all essential workers, not just those in health care, should be vaccinated as soon as possible.
(Eagle News Service)