Ashikaga flower park in Tochigi, Japan


If you are a wanderlust, try to embark on a Wisteria adventure for a tranquil experience.

Ashikaga flower park in Tochigi, about three hours north of Tokyo by local train showcases the beauty of mainly wisteria (commonly known as “fuji” among locals) as well as azaleas, and many other flowers.

Fuji is native to China, Japan and the eastern United States. It plays a vital role in Japanese culture. The kanji for fuji (藤) appears in many common family names. Wisteria flowers are beautifully fragrant, providing a feast for the senses. Many have noticed that after flowering, a brown, bean-like pod stays on the plant until winter.

The great Wisteria Festival 2018 in Japan invites all purple lovers for an enchanting journey with over 150 year-old great Wisteria, which spreads over a 600-tatami-trellis-area. Various colors of wisteria bloom from pale red or pink, blue, purple, lavender, white to yellow. They blossom for a full month starting from April to May. During this season, limited edition special wisteria-flavored ice cream is also served within the area.

The “Great Miracle Wisteria” is the Park’s pride and joy, located right in the middle of Ashikaga Flower Park. There is also a flower pyramid pond that is lit up after nightfall. If you’ve had enough sight of cherry blossoms in spring, then make your eyes wonder as you spend your day or evening gazing at wisteria tunnels. The stress relieving ambience brought by the purple scenery will definitely make your stay in Tochigi worthwhile.

(Text by Jane Rogel, Photos by Fleurdeliz Amora, Christine Mendoza, Tyra’nell Pille Lu, EBC Japan. Eagle News and Features)